Divine Love

It is the force which draws the tide
and sucks water from the ground to
collect like cotton candy
against a cobalt sky.
It is the pulse of life racing like herds of wild
horses against the neck at the sight of
eyes smiling, smiling so broadly as to nearly
close, or at the reading
of a thoughtful word.
It is the saffron hue of a sun setting back of black
mountains… and you just know
that it will rise again.
It opens you up, cocoons you, changing your chemistry,
morphing your biology so completely
that when you finally break free of it,
you don’t run from it
for you have become it.
You no longer try forcing it into your self,
but you allow it to spill forth from the halls
of your heart.
This force is LOVE and it’s more than a feeling.
It’s a being, a knowing as free as the air
and as certain as the grave.
so when evening comes with it’s
lengthening shadows, you stand
unafraid for you know
you are not alone.

-Michael Ezell


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