I have discovered that the best relationships are those that are based, not upon

rote promises one to another before a priest, but upon  metaphysical connection.

When two people come together as lovers, there aught to be more than physical attraction at play. More than even emotional resonance or the recitation of vows. There aught to be a coupling of energies–specifically those of the divine feminine and masculine. One must bring spirituality into one’s intimate relationship because while physical and emotional attractions can be intense, they are essentially fleeting and temporal without that metaphysical strand  which transcends feeling and emotion. Vows can be broken, yet the creation of this divine energetic which I’m referring to, cannot be faked, forced or falsified. It’s either there, or it isn’t.

Masculine and Feminine Energies

Understand that gender and sex are two very different things. While sex is a function of biology, i.e. whether you are born male or female, Gender refers to an energy that you’re either born with, or develop over time. A woman can, for example be born with a strong masculine energy, causing her to be confused about her identity if she fails to make the distinction between sex and gender. Likewise for men.

The Divine masculine is that metaphysical energy that acts as a grounding force. If it had a color it would be black as the night, nearly invisible. It observes and is agentic, meaning it values agency or freedom from connection, not because connection is of no value, but because it must observe from a distance in order to see the bigger picture. The neolithic man, in order to understand the forest would desire to climb a lofty place in order to view it all in a single gaze. That is the essence of the masculine energy.. observance.

Where the masculine seeks agency, the divine feminine desires connection. In order to understand the forest, the neolithic woman would go to the trees themselves in order to smell the leaves. Feel the bark. Taste the fruit thereof. Connect with them. Connectivity is the essence of the divine feminine.

The masculine is the blackness of the night, while the feminine is represented by the stars which adorn it. The feminine energy is white in color and is that which is seen. The feminine loves to be seen and apreciated for it’s beauty.

When two people with an understanding of their divine gender and the roles that they play come together, the results can be quite powerful. The connection that I have with the love of my life transcends all physical and emotional feelings. When we come together, we worship the divine within one another. Her lips become my sacrament, her body, my alter and we are never alone when we are together. This is because when the two energies come together, a third very powerful thing is created. We simply refer to it as our Divine Energetic. It is the presence of the Divine, making our love making sacred and all the more beautiful.

Above is a tantric Buddhist painting which illustrates the coupling of the two energies perfectly. While the image is superficially erotic, it is a wonderful alegory of the desire of the masculine and feminine energies to be made complete one with the other.

A Controversial Word on Marriage

I believe it’s wonderful when  two people commit to one another for a lifetime. I do not, however believe that the goal of every human is to be in such a relationship. More and more we shall observe that intimate agreements shall be based upon, not wedding vows, but upon energetic resonance.

I think that the concept of marriage has practical applications ONLY in pre-industrialized societies, when contractual partnerships were necessary for survival. Today, the concept is becoming antiquated and will eventually dissolve. I submit that the rise in divorce statistics in western societies doesn’t negate the evolutionary development of humanity, but confirms it for as humanity moves ever upward upon the evolutionary lattice, our view of relationships will expand with everything else within human culture.

Whatever your view, it can only serve you to begin to understand your divine energies and how to complete them within the context of an intimate connection.



4 Responses to Love-Reloaded

  1. Great article Michael, I love how you say “More and more we shall observe that intimate agreements shall be based upon, not wedding vows, but upon energetic resonance.” This is beautifully said! I would like to add, that when you connect into another’s energy you can tell instantly if there is a romantic connection or not. There does not need to be first (or fifth) dates, rules, or anything else, you can essentially bypass all of society’s standards with a single energetic connection. At this point, sexual union is a step down, for you already know everything about each other, you’re both naked, vulnerable, and transparent. I could go on and on and right an article about this, lol. Thanks for the wonderful article Michael!!!

  2. Billy says:

    ===> Loving the awareness. If the world can recognise such findings, I’m definately sure we can once again be united spiritually without any requirements!!!

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