Why We Walk…

Why do we trek the spiritual path?
We do it to become aware of the perfection of our failings and to realize that others are just as perfectly flawed.
We do it in order to feel our interconnectedness thereby.
We practice our spirituality so that we can learn to open our hearts in increasingly difficult situations. We feel the pain in these situations, we do not run from them or deny that they exist. We rest in the openness of infinity, allowing EVERYTHING which occurs with in it to rise and then self liberate into this infinitude.
The vastness of your infinite self is such that it can hold all challenges, all feelings; those which we perceive to be good and those which we label not good.
We walk because all finite things long for infinity. The unrest which you feel in this moment is the tension of your finite self longing to reach infinity, which it never will. Thus allow your consciousness, as often as you will, to rest in this vastness and ease the tension within your gross body as a result.
We trek these mystical paths, not solely so that we can feel a warmth in our chest in our quiet time, sitting in the silence. We trek these paths that we may glow with a luminosity which, in a world choked with the blackness of night, would light our way home..


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