The New Man

As a man I’ve come to learn that any romantic relationship that you enter from a place of neediness will ultimately end in failure. Neediness comes from the belief that you are not enough. Men who feel intrinsically inadequate will place unfair demands on the women in their romantic lives, causing these women to build walls of defense or take on more maternal roles in the relationship. Yes, a maternal role because men who act like boys cause their women to act like mothers.
It’s time for many men (especially those who trek the more mystical paths) to Man up as it were for 2012! How do we man up? by being willing to spend time with ourselves. Many of us, just like many women, tend to base our masculinity on our sexual prowess, in other words, we tend to depend on the feminine validation of our “manliness” in order to feel like a “man”. Being willing to spend time with One’s self, without a date… without a relationship until we can become our first and best friend is key. being in the energy of independence is what attracts whole women into your life…and creates a whole relationship thereby.
And take it from me, This relinquishment of feminine validation also relaxes that “player” tendency that stirs like a restless dragon within the bowels of our 2nd chakras. This is because neediness is a pathology, a sickness, an addiction that is fed by having as many sexual encounters as possible. Yet, as with any addiction, the more you feed it the hungrier it becomes.
Let’s commit within ourselves and encourage our brethren to do the hard work required for wholeness within ourselves, and in so doing learn how to truly love our women! Peace and Power….
Written by Michael Ezell ©


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