Pretty Faces

Who cares how pretty you are.
There are millions of pretty people in the world.
Are you beautiful? That is the question.
It doesn’t matter how radiant your face is on a good day.
Do the faces of children glow in the light of your acceptance
when you enter a room?
Do your eyes smile when you laugh?
Your skin is soft you say… Wonderful!
How pliant is your heart my love?
Is it malleable enough to wrap around your
lover’s frame when it has been chilled by
the winters of life?
Are you able to answer love’s call
when it beckons?
Can you receive it when it desires to run through you like a
west wind through an etched valley?
Open your heart my Love.
Shed all fear of pain like a soiled garment
and let love cleans you
As it penetrates you from the inside.
Let it in.
There will be tears,
but only to cleans you.
There will be pain,
but only to strengthen you.
There will even be loss,
but it will be for your ultimate gain.
If you allow love to guide you through the crucible of life
you will know no death
for you will be beautiful
and all beauty is eternal

Written by Michael Ezell ©



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