Don’t Be Nice. Be Real

We “Spiritual” folk can be among the MOST passive/aggressive people on earth; you know acting in ways toward others that are passive in expression, but aggressive in intention. What happens is we may feel offended by a particular person, yet instead of communicating the offense to the perpetrator of it (though we really only offend ourselves) we keep it to ourselves and express our malcontent in covert ways… because, after all we are “nice” people at heart. and would never get in the face of another. Right? Wrong beloved.

It is more important to be real than nice beloved. It doesn’t serve the other person, nor you to engage in such black magic. Living authentically should be the goal of anyone who desires to strengthen their connection with Spirit. Authenticity clears one’s life of unnecessary debris that blocks much needed energy. Energy that can be used for growth, development and evolving. It also blocks your connection with the divine.

Today I set the intention to deal with my brother and sister from a place of clarity. I will exercise the courage to communicate my true feelings in love knowing that if the other person finds offense with my words, it is okay; that has to do with their inner work, not mine…So long as I have spoken with love in my heart and truth on my tongue I am free to be fully me. I release the need for acceptance, knowing that it matters not what others think of me for good or bad. What matters is how I feel about me.
I allow this simple, energetic prayer to be. And so it is… Amen. ♥

~Michael Ezell


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