The Courage to Love

It takes courage to love.

the weakest among us could love in the dark

when all eyes are heavy laden from the day

casting shadows and semblances of truths

in the night and when shutters are closed

at last.

when shadow and blue light cloak the acts

of lovers in love who recite the

evening requiems, sweet and true

of hearts entangled at day’s end.

But what of the day?

can you sing a prelude of love beneath the sun


when shadows are burned into sunbeams

and ears are tingling and erect?

Has courage faded at the prospect of

judging eyes and scornful lips?

You are Love!

You needn’t ask permission to be what you


There isn’t a soul on hearth nor beyond who

can touch you with an accusing finger,

not when the whole of Creation supports you.

So speak your truth and never retract it.

Let your words be undiluted, for  True love

is pure.

clear your throat as Love’s fire is

kindled within your breast. Let  it smoke

and smolder until it must come out.

Open your mouth before it sears your tongue

Speak loudly and speak in your power…

or do not speak at all and be consumed.

Love full out, or do not love.

For love is full like the sun in the noonday sky

chasing shadows and gilding the day in gold.

~Michael Ezell

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

~Lao Tzu


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