Learning to be Free

“Is all that we have been taught all that we know?”


Perhaps we could go a bit deeper with this inspired question:

Is all that we have been taught Truth? The answer would seem obvious. Yet if we observe the behavior of our fellow man, or even that of ourselves, it would seem that the natural tendancy of mankind is to become rigidly dogmatic, settled in a particular way of being, usually depending on where we were born and what we were exposed to early in life.

I would submit to you that subscribing wholesale to any school of thought, from scientific inquiry to religious ideology, from political affiliation, to sociological engagements, or even artistic interpretation ( believing that there is only one way to know what constitutes beauty) retards our growth as a species. And yes there has been growth, in fact if there is one thing that seems to define us as a species it’s our constant propencity towardl, mental, psychic and spiritual development, however slow that development may unfold.

Here in the west, we can look in our world and observe technological and scientific advances, and how knowledge in these areas is increasing exponentially. Yet in terms of our care and concern for ourselves, for others or for our environment at large, there seems to be a deceleration of sorts.

In a world where the majority are being ruled by a small percentage of people the world over, being taught both how to think and what to think, the enlightenment of humanity at a macro level is being hampered greatly.

Does it sound strange to the ear to hear me suggest that we, Westerners, particularly American citizins who “supposedly” live in a country which represents democracy in it’s grandest form, are being led, bridal and bit, by a minority of people?

We’re supposed to be represented, not ruled.. Right?!?

Enter cultural conditioning…

There are pre set patterns of behavior that we naturally adopt from infancy to adolescence which helps us to navigate our way through our social environment. These pre-set ways of being are what we call culture, and cultural practices have their place in the life of the human. The problem occurs when we fail, at a certain point in life to see this culture in a larger, global or even Universal context. When we determine that our way of being is the only way to be in this world. This is what I refer to as allowing our culture to think through us and there are institutions that exist in our world who promote these ways of being for their own gains by means of popular media and religion (to be certain, there are other means, but these have had the greatest effect on the populous).

Do you know that there’s a good chance that some of the things that you say you believe on matters of religion, politics, race for example may actually be what your culture believes and not necessarily the real You? That if you dislodged yourself from your cultural conditioning, you would discover a You and a world that you were heretofore unaware of?

So how does this dislodging of sorts occur exactly? Let’s look at some of the tools of conditioning:


Are you aware that there is an entire science that has been developed around getting into your mind via television ads and “news”, in order to hypnotize you into believing and consequently behaving a particular way? Here are a couple of practices that I have found helpful in developing a discerning ear whenever I decide to watch a news program:


Sit down to watch a news program and ask yourself after each story,

1.”How did that story just enrich my life?

2. Will it cause me to to make empowered, informed descisions, or fear based ones like clutching my purse whenever I see a bald-headed man with an earring?”

3. does it promote unity or division?

Go on a one week news fast.

That’s right, I said it. I promise you the world will not begin spinning in the other direction because you’re not standing vigil in front of your flat screen watching CNN. In fact, I’m willing to bet that not much of your life will have been down graded as a result of your “information” abstinence.

At the end of the week, do an assesment. Ask yourself how you did overall during the week, both physically and emotionally.


I have come to learn that religion, from Buddhism to Christianity, to Islam, whatever the theology, all of them are just ways of telling a story about who God is, who we are and the purpose for being, and that I could simply drop the story, silence the chatter and hear for myself the answers to the questions of my life. I have found this way of being to greatly excelerate my personal growth as I learn to see God in everything and everyone.

When you are finally able to dislodge yourself from the prison of cultural conditioning, you will see the world with new eyes. It will be for you a rebirth. This is what that master teacher Jesus meant when he said, “Truly, truly, I say unto you, you must be born again.” In order to enter the kindom of heaven, which, by the way he reiterated over and over again was “within.”, you must turn your gaze from the heavens, toward which our stargazing species have been looking from the beginning, and enter in.. penetrate into that subtle Universe from whence all things emminate. When we look to the stars, we are looking at the fringes of existance beloved.That which has already been spent. Upon looking within however, we reconcile ourselves with our beginnings…Our essential Selves, which just happens to be the Self of every other living and non living thing in our present experience.

When you are truly Born anew, your life will unfold before you as a supple and shining spring leaf, unfurling toward the light of the sun and allowing it to both deepen the roots of your history and expand the branches of your destiny. It isn’t required of you to Make this happen, rather you allow it to unfold before you once you have made the decision to stop pretending not to Know the Truth of your Divine nature. As Gautama Bhudda said, Once you have made the decision to be enlightened, the dye has been cast and it will occur. You’ll strike the mystic chords of memory and become transformed as, over time, you begin to become in consciousness Whom you have always been in essence. You can call it what you will: you may call it God.. you may call it Source, you may call it Spirit. Just call it forth beloved.



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