God has the worse memory. In fact, the Infinite has no memory. It isn’t seen as a flaw however. Truth be told, it’s a genuine attribute that we would do well to emulate. Thanks to the very present nature of the Universe, it matters not who you were… only who you are – for it is who you are when you’ve breathed your last, crossing the veil, that you get to take with you.
Forgive yourself of any “miss deeds”. Be released from your self imposed prison and free all others of the prisons of vengeance and retaliation. So long as you hold the keys to these cages, you act against Universal law, making life unnecessarily difficult.
The universe is creative in nature. Unforgiveness creates nothing of benefit, therefore it is a lie.
We forgive ourselves and others by breathing in the sweet air of this present moment where there is no vengeance. No hatred. Only what actually is. The pregnant Void. What a divine dichotomy; an emptiness that is yet full of all of the beauty, all of the grace, opulence and love that exists. Acquaint yourself with this place. It is nearer to you than your neck vein.


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