Gratitude Marathon Day #4

I am grateful for my Hannah… though, in reality, she isn’t “mine”. As Kahlil Gibran wrote of children, “they come through you, but not from you.” The love of a parent is so nuanced. It’s sweet, you know? Sweet and sad at once because we parents know that everyday is but a snapshot of a moment in time – a moment that is as fluid as water, yet as certain as the grave and as such will never return. This understanding reminds me to remain ever present with my daughter.

I am thankful for how she reiterates to me the proper way to treat a lady – asking me to carry her bags for her when we arrive home; subtly influencing my decisions with implicit statements and encouraging good behavior from me by stroking my ego. Oh, her future suitor has his work cut out for him for sure!

I watch her personality develop and complexify with each rising sun, reminding me that Hannah is her own and not mine. Never mine. She teaches me to let go a little more each day.

For the strength that is found in letting go of the ones we love and the wisdom that could only awaken in me through fatherhood, I give thanks.


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