Personal Manifesto

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A personal Manifesto

1. I am willing to unlearn everything I think I know in exchange for a more expanded view of reality.

2. I release all notions that the world, my life, all circumstances and people in it are anything but perfect.

3. I declare my willingness to wipe the slate of my life clean and to write a new story.

4. I understand that everything that has happened in my experience is for my perfection, never for my annihilation.

5. I cherish and hereby accept my role as caretaker of the sacred temple that is my body.

6. I hereby remove any flecks of cynicism that I hold for people, societies and cultures, understanding that That which we call God and Spirit is in it all.

7. I hereby decide to love completely and independent of whether or not love is reciprocated. I love because of who I am, not because of who others are.

8. I am committed to making radical changes in my life in order to live the life of my dreams… to create a path, not so that others could follow, but so that others would be inspired to forge their own.

9. I commit to the practice of releasing in love, any people, practices or habitual ways of being that are detrimental to my perpetual expansion.

10. I am committed to the daily expression of my true identity as an agent of love; a Warrior of Peace and as a son of the living God.

I offer thanks to the Divine in advance and allow this simple energetic declaration to BE.
And so it is….

Our Deepest Fear


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