You’ve Already Won!

Many of us in America have seen it, if not we can at least imagine it: the 405551_339960279357513_128125867207623_1110965_1253398824_nquarterback of a losing Superbowl contest berating himself for the things he might have done differently on the field of play to make the winning difference in the game; or the track star mulling over in her head a critical laps in judgement on the track. What tends to happen over time, however is that Time doles out to all these precious souls a gift. It is called perspective.

The quarterback determines eventually that, “you know what? No, I didn’t win, but I played on a field that almost no one has had the privilege to tread upon.” The track star recalls the adoring fans… and the lights! oh, the lights. or that she, for a time, got to run with the wind.

Beloved, why despair  over your life? Why allow your heart to fill with regret or your mind to rehearse what could have been?

Can you feel the pulse of life within your wrists? No? then be silent and still until you can. Feel the cool air bathing you inwardly over and over again. That is a gift to you my friend. This  existence is success! You being here with me now, partaking of the words that I am privileged to share with you–It’s grander than any Superbowl. More awe-inspiring than the crossing of any finish line.

We, you and I , are the result of a play of consciousness that is beyond genius. It is impossible for finite minds to perceive an infinite Spirit fully. There isn’t a word to adequately house the miracle that is this moment..and that we can take it for granted.. well, that just speaks to the sheer elegance of it all, doesn’t it? Anything that you choose to do in this existence is the proverbial cherry on top of the opulence that is life.

So breathe it in beloved; this precious moment. It will never leave you or fail you. It will always be here waiting for your awareness of it. and in your awareness of it, you get to, as Moses did, catch a glimpse of God.


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