The Courage to Love

It takes courage to love.

the weakest among us could love in the dark

when all eyes are heavy laden from the day

casting shadows and semblances of truths

in the night and when shutters are closed

at last.

when shadow and blue light cloak the acts

of lovers in love who recite the

evening requiems, sweet and true

of hearts entangled at day’s end.

But what of the day?

can you sing a prelude of love beneath the sun


when shadows are burned into sunbeams

and ears are tingling and erect?

Has courage faded at the prospect of

judging eyes and scornful lips?

You are Love!

You needn’t ask permission to be what you


There isn’t a soul on hearth nor beyond who

can touch you with an accusing finger,

not when the whole of Creation supports you.

So speak your truth and never retract it.

Let your words be undiluted, for  True love

is pure.

clear your throat as Love’s fire is

kindled within your breast. Let  it smoke

and smolder until it must come out.

Open your mouth before it sears your tongue

Speak loudly and speak in your power…

or do not speak at all and be consumed.

Love full out, or do not love.

For love is full like the sun in the noonday sky

chasing shadows and gilding the day in gold.

~Michael Ezell

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

~Lao Tzu



If I were to paint a picture of our love
I would not brush pink hearts into the canvas
or rainbows arching upon a cloud dotted firmament
No unicorns or music notes would splay upon the scene
If ‘i had to paint a picture of our love,
I would break my brush and dip my canvas in the light of the sun,
gilding it in golden beams
I’d wash it in the tears which we’ve wiped from each other’s cheek
in those silent moments in the dark
when our ears are filled with silence and our arms
with one another
I would scorch it’s ends with the blood of my veins
which run hot like lave every time you press your soft lips against mine.
I love you Juliet Schutte… Always and in all ways!
Michael ©

Pretty Faces

Who cares how pretty you are.
There are millions of pretty people in the world.
Are you beautiful? That is the question.
It doesn’t matter how radiant your face is on a good day.
Do the faces of children glow in the light of your acceptance
when you enter a room?
Do your eyes smile when you laugh?
Your skin is soft you say… Wonderful!
How pliant is your heart my love?
Is it malleable enough to wrap around your
lover’s frame when it has been chilled by
the winters of life?
Are you able to answer love’s call
when it beckons?
Can you receive it when it desires to run through you like a
west wind through an etched valley?
Open your heart my Love.
Shed all fear of pain like a soiled garment
and let love cleans you
As it penetrates you from the inside.
Let it in.
There will be tears,
but only to cleans you.
There will be pain,
but only to strengthen you.
There will even be loss,
but it will be for your ultimate gain.
If you allow love to guide you through the crucible of life
you will know no death
for you will be beautiful
and all beauty is eternal

Written by Michael Ezell ©


Ember and Flame

O bright ember
Remove not thyself from thine Source
but return ye to the Flame of origin
ere thou art cooled by the dark chill of night
and art made into ash and smoke
For verily, Thou art the the flame
from whence thou hast come
and the Flame is Thee!
~M. Ezell

Divine Love

It is the force which draws the tide
and sucks water from the ground to
collect like cotton candy
against a cobalt sky.
It is the pulse of life racing like herds of wild
horses against the neck at the sight of
eyes smiling, smiling so broadly as to nearly
close, or at the reading
of a thoughtful word.
It is the saffron hue of a sun setting back of black
mountains… and you just know
that it will rise again.
It opens you up, cocoons you, changing your chemistry,
morphing your biology so completely
that when you finally break free of it,
you don’t run from it
for you have become it.
You no longer try forcing it into your self,
but you allow it to spill forth from the halls
of your heart.
This force is LOVE and it’s more than a feeling.
It’s a being, a knowing as free as the air
and as certain as the grave.
so when evening comes with it’s
lengthening shadows, you stand
unafraid for you know
you are not alone.

-Michael Ezell

Upon My Cushion

Like tea leaves upon upon the ground, I decipher the clouds
which clap and thunder,
bleeding silver freshets into a thousand lakes.
With my third eye I vie for supremacy as my
duality and non-dual duel
at the base of my spine
(and gateway to the divine)
upon my cushion.
I breath in the blackness of the primordial night
fingering luminosity with tendrils of caustic
consciousness(not there yet).
I exhale a whirlwind,expelling the cares of the day
the realms beyond the sun’s golden province collapse,
space and time undulating, folding upon itself until it
and ‘me’ become I.
I become the pregnant void as my awareness is pulled from
beneath me like a rug. I Am, I Am, I Am…
~Michael Ezell