Come Join Us!

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Love’s Work Within

Like a warm embrace in December

or twilight sunbeams slanting through cedars,

this divine energetic we call love.

Love courses like crimson streams in pulsating currents

throughout my biology, weaving its way into the depths of me

I can sense it spiraling down into my DNA until it has assailed the roots of me at last;

the seat of my soul.

I am beset by the fruits of my life’s decisions.

In many ways, I have sown bitter crops, yet in this love we share; at the tasting of this fruit,

every choice I have made has become sweet like

honey upon my lips and I know

I will never now be the same again

You’ve Already Won!

Many of us in America have seen it, if not we can at least imagine it: the 405551_339960279357513_128125867207623_1110965_1253398824_nquarterback of a losing Superbowl contest berating himself for the things he might have done differently on the field of play to make the winning difference in the game; or the track star mulling over in her head a critical laps in judgement on the track. What tends to happen over time, however is that Time doles out to all these precious souls a gift. It is called perspective.

The quarterback determines eventually that, “you know what? No, I didn’t win, but I played on a field that almost no one has had the privilege to tread upon.” The track star recalls the adoring fans… and the lights! oh, the lights. or that she, for a time, got to run with the wind.

Beloved, why despair  over your life? Why allow your heart to fill with regret or your mind to rehearse what could have been?

Can you feel the pulse of life within your wrists? No? then be silent and still until you can. Feel the cool air bathing you inwardly over and over again. That is a gift to you my friend. This  existence is success! You being here with me now, partaking of the words that I am privileged to share with you–It’s grander than any Superbowl. More awe-inspiring than the crossing of any finish line.

We, you and I , are the result of a play of consciousness that is beyond genius. It is impossible for finite minds to perceive an infinite Spirit fully. There isn’t a word to adequately house the miracle that is this moment..and that we can take it for granted.. well, that just speaks to the sheer elegance of it all, doesn’t it? Anything that you choose to do in this existence is the proverbial cherry on top of the opulence that is life.

So breathe it in beloved; this precious moment. It will never leave you or fail you. It will always be here waiting for your awareness of it. and in your awareness of it, you get to, as Moses did, catch a glimpse of God.

Going Out of your Mind

Are you out of your mind?
I certainly hope so. The mind is a time machine, jumping from the hurts of the past to worries over the future. These are all ghosts however. Apparitions which have no foothold in reality.
Open the door of your time machine and step out of it by being aware in the NOW. What are you seeing, feeling, tasting? How’s your breathing by the way? Are you breathing easily?
More than likely, this present moment finds you well beloved. Bask in this wellness and have a great weekend!

Personal Manifesto

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A personal Manifesto

1. I am willing to unlearn everything I think I know in exchange for a more expanded view of reality.

2. I release all notions that the world, my life, all circumstances and people in it are anything but perfect.

3. I declare my willingness to wipe the slate of my life clean and to write a new story.

4. I understand that everything that has happened in my experience is for my perfection, never for my annihilation.

5. I cherish and hereby accept my role as caretaker of the sacred temple that is my body.

6. I hereby remove any flecks of cynicism that I hold for people, societies and cultures, understanding that That which we call God and Spirit is in it all.

7. I hereby decide to love completely and independent of whether or not love is reciprocated. I love because of who I am, not because of who others are.

8. I am committed to making radical changes in my life in order to live the life of my dreams… to create a path, not so that others could follow, but so that others would be inspired to forge their own.

9. I commit to the practice of releasing in love, any people, practices or habitual ways of being that are detrimental to my perpetual expansion.

10. I am committed to the daily expression of my true identity as an agent of love; a Warrior of Peace and as a son of the living God.

I offer thanks to the Divine in advance and allow this simple energetic declaration to BE.
And so it is….

Our Deepest Fear

Fear of Silence

Most of us fear the silence and stillness. Mainly because they have the tendency to reveal to us our true and present selves. The prospect of plumbing the depths of our consciousness to shine the light in the dark places of our souls… The places that scare us, sends us trying to find any excuse to busy ourselves with television, our iPods or the countless wormhole of errands we could populate our day with.

The truth is, there is beauty in the darkness. Silence is your friend! When you dare to embrace the quiet and to enter in, the earth will melt, along with all of her distractions and you will see the face…and you will recognize it as your own.

Gratitude Marathon Day #4

I am grateful for my Hannah… though, in reality, she isn’t “mine”. As Kahlil Gibran wrote of children, “they come through you, but not from you.” The love of a parent is so nuanced. It’s sweet, you know? Sweet and sad at once because we parents know that everyday is but a snapshot of a moment in time – a moment that is as fluid as water, yet as certain as the grave and as such will never return. This understanding reminds me to remain ever present with my daughter.

I am thankful for how she reiterates to me the proper way to treat a lady – asking me to carry her bags for her when we arrive home; subtly influencing my decisions with implicit statements and encouraging good behavior from me by stroking my ego. Oh, her future suitor has his work cut out for him for sure!

I watch her personality develop and complexify with each rising sun, reminding me that Hannah is her own and not mine. Never mine. She teaches me to let go a little more each day.

For the strength that is found in letting go of the ones we love and the wisdom that could only awaken in me through fatherhood, I give thanks.