The Courage to Love

It takes courage to love.

the weakest among us could love in the dark

when all eyes are heavy laden from the day

casting shadows and semblances of truths

in the night and when shutters are closed

at last.

when shadow and blue light cloak the acts

of lovers in love who recite the

evening requiems, sweet and true

of hearts entangled at day’s end.

But what of the day?

can you sing a prelude of love beneath the sun


when shadows are burned into sunbeams

and ears are tingling and erect?

Has courage faded at the prospect of

judging eyes and scornful lips?

You are Love!

You needn’t ask permission to be what you


There isn’t a soul on hearth nor beyond who

can touch you with an accusing finger,

not when the whole of Creation supports you.

So speak your truth and never retract it.

Let your words be undiluted, for  True love

is pure.

clear your throat as Love’s fire is

kindled within your breast. Let  it smoke

and smolder until it must come out.

Open your mouth before it sears your tongue

Speak loudly and speak in your power…

or do not speak at all and be consumed.

Love full out, or do not love.

For love is full like the sun in the noonday sky

chasing shadows and gilding the day in gold.

~Michael Ezell

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

~Lao Tzu


Don’t Be Nice. Be Real

We “Spiritual” folk can be among the MOST passive/aggressive people on earth; you know acting in ways toward others that are passive in expression, but aggressive in intention. What happens is we may feel offended by a particular person, yet instead of communicating the offense to the perpetrator of it (though we really only offend ourselves) we keep it to ourselves and express our malcontent in covert ways… because, after all we are “nice” people at heart. and would never get in the face of another. Right? Wrong beloved.

It is more important to be real than nice beloved. It doesn’t serve the other person, nor you to engage in such black magic. Living authentically should be the goal of anyone who desires to strengthen their connection with Spirit. Authenticity clears one’s life of unnecessary debris that blocks much needed energy. Energy that can be used for growth, development and evolving. It also blocks your connection with the divine.

Today I set the intention to deal with my brother and sister from a place of clarity. I will exercise the courage to communicate my true feelings in love knowing that if the other person finds offense with my words, it is okay; that has to do with their inner work, not mine…So long as I have spoken with love in my heart and truth on my tongue I am free to be fully me. I release the need for acceptance, knowing that it matters not what others think of me for good or bad. What matters is how I feel about me.
I allow this simple, energetic prayer to be. And so it is… Amen. ♥

~Michael Ezell

For Love’s Sake

We do not love in order to be loved. We love for love’s sake. We love because Love is the currency of the Universe. It is the language of angels and the dominion of the stars themselves. We love without expectation of reward because consciousness, life IS the reward and love is how we repay the Infinite for such a sacred gift as life. We love because ultimately love is all there is. We love because we are. ~ Michael Ezell


If I were to paint a picture of our love
I would not brush pink hearts into the canvas
or rainbows arching upon a cloud dotted firmament
No unicorns or music notes would splay upon the scene
If ‘i had to paint a picture of our love,
I would break my brush and dip my canvas in the light of the sun,
gilding it in golden beams
I’d wash it in the tears which we’ve wiped from each other’s cheek
in those silent moments in the dark
when our ears are filled with silence and our arms
with one another
I would scorch it’s ends with the blood of my veins
which run hot like lave every time you press your soft lips against mine.
I love you Juliet Schutte… Always and in all ways!
Michael ©

The New Man

As a man I’ve come to learn that any romantic relationship that you enter from a place of neediness will ultimately end in failure. Neediness comes from the belief that you are not enough. Men who feel intrinsically inadequate will place unfair demands on the women in their romantic lives, causing these women to build walls of defense or take on more maternal roles in the relationship. Yes, a maternal role because men who act like boys cause their women to act like mothers.
It’s time for many men (especially those who trek the more mystical paths) to Man up as it were for 2012! How do we man up? by being willing to spend time with ourselves. Many of us, just like many women, tend to base our masculinity on our sexual prowess, in other words, we tend to depend on the feminine validation of our “manliness” in order to feel like a “man”. Being willing to spend time with One’s self, without a date… without a relationship until we can become our first and best friend is key. being in the energy of independence is what attracts whole women into your life…and creates a whole relationship thereby.
And take it from me, This relinquishment of feminine validation also relaxes that “player” tendency that stirs like a restless dragon within the bowels of our 2nd chakras. This is because neediness is a pathology, a sickness, an addiction that is fed by having as many sexual encounters as possible. Yet, as with any addiction, the more you feed it the hungrier it becomes.
Let’s commit within ourselves and encourage our brethren to do the hard work required for wholeness within ourselves, and in so doing learn how to truly love our women! Peace and Power….
Written by Michael Ezell ©

Pretty Faces

Who cares how pretty you are.
There are millions of pretty people in the world.
Are you beautiful? That is the question.
It doesn’t matter how radiant your face is on a good day.
Do the faces of children glow in the light of your acceptance
when you enter a room?
Do your eyes smile when you laugh?
Your skin is soft you say… Wonderful!
How pliant is your heart my love?
Is it malleable enough to wrap around your
lover’s frame when it has been chilled by
the winters of life?
Are you able to answer love’s call
when it beckons?
Can you receive it when it desires to run through you like a
west wind through an etched valley?
Open your heart my Love.
Shed all fear of pain like a soiled garment
and let love cleans you
As it penetrates you from the inside.
Let it in.
There will be tears,
but only to cleans you.
There will be pain,
but only to strengthen you.
There will even be loss,
but it will be for your ultimate gain.
If you allow love to guide you through the crucible of life
you will know no death
for you will be beautiful
and all beauty is eternal

Written by Michael Ezell ©


Why We Walk…

Why do we trek the spiritual path?
We do it to become aware of the perfection of our failings and to realize that others are just as perfectly flawed.
We do it in order to feel our interconnectedness thereby.
We practice our spirituality so that we can learn to open our hearts in increasingly difficult situations. We feel the pain in these situations, we do not run from them or deny that they exist. We rest in the openness of infinity, allowing EVERYTHING which occurs with in it to rise and then self liberate into this infinitude.
The vastness of your infinite self is such that it can hold all challenges, all feelings; those which we perceive to be good and those which we label not good.
We walk because all finite things long for infinity. The unrest which you feel in this moment is the tension of your finite self longing to reach infinity, which it never will. Thus allow your consciousness, as often as you will, to rest in this vastness and ease the tension within your gross body as a result.
We trek these mystical paths, not solely so that we can feel a warmth in our chest in our quiet time, sitting in the silence. We trek these paths that we may glow with a luminosity which, in a world choked with the blackness of night, would light our way home..